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Your Library Card

Library cards are provided free of charge to all residents of our district, as part of your tax-supported library services. Your card gives you borrowing privileges here and at most public libraries in Illinois, access to special online resources, and more. Click here to learn how to get a library card.

Interlibrary Loan

If you need a book, DVD, or other item that we don't have, ask us to borrow it from another library for you.  Limit: 3 items at one time.

Programs and Events

We have a regular schedule of educational and cultural events for all ages. See our calendar for details.


Everyone who uses a library computer must follow our policy regarding computer and Internet use.

Photocopiers and Fax Machine

To send: $2.00 for the 1st page, $1.00 for each additional page

International: $5.00 for the 1st page; $2.00 for each additional page

To receive: 50 cents per page

The library will hold a fax at the desk for 3 days.

The library is not responsible for lost or stolen faxes.

CD/DVD Cleaning and Repair Machine

Policy 4.13

The Rock Falls Public Library District has a CD/DVD cleaning and repair machine. The library staff will repair scrathces on CDs and DVDs for a fee of $2.00 per disc. Patrons may bring in up to 5 items at a time. The items will be repaired within 48 hours. Discs must be picked up within 14 days from the date of notification or the discs will become the property of the library.

The library is not responsible for damage or loss of content nor does the library guarantee that all discs will be fully repaired.

The library staff reserves the right to refuse this service to anyone.

Approved by the Library Board of Trustees on March 8, 2010.

Community/Meeting Room

Any group wishing to use the Community Room must agree to follow library policies.

Library Policies

Below are some of the policies about the public's use of the library.

Behavior in the Library

Behavioral Guidelines
Policy on Theft and Vandalism of Library Materials
Shirt and Shoe Policy
Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace Policy


Behavioral Guidelines

Policy 5.10

To insure that all patrons have a secure and comfortable environment at the Rock Falls Public Library District, appropriate behavior is expected. Violation of the following rules will result in a warning and/or expulsion from the library. Whenever necessary the police will be contacted. The Library Director and staff have the authority to carry out this policy.

Inappropriate behavior includes but is not limited to:

  • Loitering, sleeping, gambling, bathing, molestation, public intoxication, eating or drinking inside the library, or the use of tobacco products inside the library.
  • Harassment of the library staff or patrons.
  • Solicitation on library grounds.
  • Loud, offensive, abusive, or threatening language is prohibited.
  • Destruction or mutilation of library property.
  • Patrons who interfere with other patron's use of the library because of extrememly poor hygiene will be asked to leave the library.
  • Any behavior which is disruptive to the operation of the library, or threatening to patrons, staff, or library property.

Children and disruptive behavior

  • Patrons visiting the library with a child or children who disturb or interfere with other library users or who are disruptive by loud talking, playing, or running, or who misuse library property will be asked to control the child, if unable to do so, the patron will be asked to leave the library. Unsupervised children who are disruptive by loud talking, playing, running, mistreating library property, or whose behavior interferes with other library users will be asked to leave the library and their parents will be notified.

Dress, Attire, and Belongings

  • Patrons are required to wear shoes and a shirt at all times.
  • Bed rolls, blankets, duffle bags, suitcases, or large bags are not allowed inside the library. Student book bags/backpacks are allowed.

Possession of weapons

  • Weapons are prohibited in the library. A weapon is defined as a handgun, rifle, knife, or any other object whose purpose or use is to inflict physical harm to another individual.

Electronic Equipment

  • The use of cell phones is prohibited in the library. Cell phones must be used outside the library building.

Adopted by the Rock Falls Library District Board of Trustees on January 12, 2004.


Policy on Theft and Vandalism of Library Materials

Policy 5.11

The theft or vandalism of any library material is strictly prohibited. Library staff who witness or otherwise detect such activity will notify the Library Director immediately, even if it is necessary to call him or her at home, and will, if necessary, contact the police.

The theft of any library material is a very serious matter and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, regardless of the value of the item stolen. In incidents of theft involving minors, the parents or guardians will be notified of the incident in writing and advised of the seriousness of the matter, as well as its possible consequences. The Director will report such incidences to the Library Board of Trustees, and the Board may consider long-term exclusion of the patron or patrons involved.

Vandalism is also a serious matter, and may result in prosecution at the discretion of the Director. In instances involving minors, the parents or guardians will be notified in writing of the incident, and advised of the consequences of that or future incidents. The Library Director may, at his or her discretion, report such incidents to the Baord for possible long-term exclusion as per section 7 of the Conduct Ordinance.


Shirt and Shoes Policy

Policy 5.12

The Rock Falls Public Library District is committed to maintaining high standards of neatness and cleanliness, in order to provide the most pleasant environment for its patrons. It is well known that the wearing of shoes helps prevent the spread of various diseases, and is generally cleaner than not wearing them. Likewise, while it is legal for men, at least, to go without shirts, it is not generally considered appropriate attire in any other business. government, or retail setting. It is for these reasons that we make the following policy:

  1. It is the policy of the library that all patrons, staff, and other persons on library premises shall be appropriately dressed. Appropriate dress, for the purposes of this policy, includes adherence to local requirements, as well as the wearing of some sort of shirt or top, and wearing of shoes, sandals, or some other form of foot covering.
  2. Anyone on library premises who is inappropriately dressed shall be asked to leave the library premises until they are dressed appropriately. Inappropriate dress does not automatically constitute a violation of the Conduct Ordinance or Discipline Policy.
  3. Refusal to comply with such instructions or requirements does constitute a breach of the Conduct Ordinance and Discipline Policy, and shall be handled accordingly.
  4. Likewise, the third instance of inappropriate dress by any particular individual also constitutes a violation of the Discipline Policy, as does each instance thereafter.
  5. This policy shall take effect immediately upon adoption by the Board of Trustees, and shall remain in effect until specifically rescinded or superceded by another policy or ordinace.


Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace Policy

Policy 5.13

The Rock Falls Public Library District has long recognized that the non-medical use of controlled substances may be hazardous to the health of the patrons and employees of the library. Additionally, the use of alcohol by patrons and staff alike is recognized as hazardous, often illegal, and detrimental to the library environment. It is for these reasons that we make the following Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace Policy.

  1. The illegal manufacture, use, possession, or distribution of controlled substances and drug paraphernalia, and the manufacture, use, possession, or distribution of alcoholic beverages, marijuana, and their derivatives, as defined in Illinois and Federal Statute, is not permitted at any library location at any time. "Library location" here means on any library premises, in any library building, or in any vehicle used for library purposes.
  2. It is strictly prohibited for any patron or employee to be under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, or any illegal controlled substance while at any library location.
  3. Notwithstanding any other disciplinary provision herein, the library may, at its discretion, refer violations of this policy to the appropriate legal authorities for prosecution.
  4. Any patron who violates the Drug and Alcohol Free Library Policy will be asked to leave the library location immediately as per the Conduct Ordinance. If the patron refuses to do so, the police will be summoned.
  5. On the second violation of this policy, a patron will be excluded from the library for a period of 30 calendar days. Patrons who attempt to use the library during such a period of exclusion will be dealt with according to the Conduct Ordinance.
  6. On the third violation of this policy, the Library Director will report the situation to the Library Board, who will consider long term exclusion of the patron in question.
  7. Any patron who violates either the Conduct Ordinance or the Discipline Policy while under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, or illegal drugs, will be automatically excluded from the library for a period of 90 calendar days.
  8. On the second violation of either the Conduct Ordinance or the Disciple Policy while under the imfluence of alcohol, marijuana, or illegal drugs, the Library Director will report the situation to the Library Baord, who will consider an even longer term of exclusion for that patron.
  9. For employees, the policy of the library is to implement and follow the processes detailed in the At Will Employment/Employee Discipline Policy.




Circulation Policy

  • You must have your library card with you in order to check out items to take home. 
  • A patron must be in good standing with all RRLC libraries to check out any materials or use the computers.
  • We honor library cards from other public libraries within Illinois if there has been an agreement between us to honor each other's patrons' cards. You will be asked to fill out an information card the first time you present your card. 
  • When the library is closed, items may be returned in the dropbox in the outer wall next to the front doors. Otherwise, please return the items at the Circulation desk.
  • You may ask Rock Falls Library for Interlibrary loan service. This means that you may give us titles and authors to look for from other participating libraries and request that the items be sent to Rock Falls Library for you to check out. 

Guidelines for checking out items:
Book (adult) ~ Total: 15 ~ keep 14 days ~ renewable 1 time*
Book (child) ~ Total: 10 ~ keep 14 days ~ revewable 1 time*
Audiobook ~ Total: 4 ~ keep 14 days ~ revewable 1 time*
Magazine (adult) ~ Total: 5 ~ keep 7 days ~ not renewable
Magazine (child) ~ Total: 5 ~ keep 14 days ~ not renewable
DVD ~ Total: 2 ~ keep 7 days ~ renewable 1 time*
CD ~ Total: 4 ~ keep 7 days ~ not renewable
Puppy Pals ~ Total: 1 ~ keep 14 days ~ not renewable
Fishing Poles ~ Total: 1 ~ keep 7 days ~ not renewable
* Items on hold may not be renewed.


Fine Policy/Lost Book Policy

Policy 5.3

A fine of (10) cents per day, including Sundays and holidays is charged for overdue books and magazines, both adult and juvenile. The fine for overdue compact disks, audio cassettes, DVD's, Kits, fishing poles, and videocassettes is (1.00) one dollar per day.

An overdue notice will be sent to the delinquent patron when the item becomes 14 and 28 days overdue, informing the patron of the overdue status and the possibility of further action. If no response is received, a final notice an collection notice will be sent when the item is approximately 60 days overdue. Library overdue fines cease accumulating when they reach the value of the overdue item(s).

A borrower is responsible for all items charged on his/her card. Lost items are to be paid for at replacement cost plus a processing fee and damage to an item is to be paid for in proportion to the extent of the damage plus a processing fee, minimum of $3.00, as determined by the Director. Damaged books which are no longer useable are disposed of as with any other weeded item.

If a lost book has been paid for, and is then returned in good condiition within thirty (30) days of payment, that responsible patron may request to be charged at the regular fine rate for the time that the item was missing, and refunded any excess payment.

When a patron has accumulated $1.00 in fines or has any items overdue, all library privileges will be suspended for him/herself and all members of the household. (This includes use of any library computers.).

Materials more than 3 months overdue shall be considered to be lost and the patron will be charged the full cost of the material plus a processing fee. If a patron refuses to pay for or return such items, that patron may be charged with theft under Chapter 38, Article 16B Criminal Code Act of 1961 of the Illinois State Statutes. If action in small claims court is required, the amount claimed shall be an amount suffiicient to reimburse the library for court costs, the current replacement value of the items, and all accrued fines.


Adopted by The Rock Falls Public Library District Board of Trustees on May 2nd, 2005 and amended September 11, 2006 and January 14, 2013


Community Room Use

Rock Falls Public Library District
Policy 4.10
Meeting Room Policy
  1. Types of Meetings Permitted: It is the policy of the Rock Falls Public Library District to give priority for use of the meeting room in the following order:   a. Library sponsored meetings or programs b. Programs in which the library is one of several sponsors c. Local non-profit community organizations and clubs d. All other meetings
  2. Hours of Meetings: All meetings must begin during regular library hours, and must be finished by 10:00 pm. The Library Director must be notified if there is a reasonable expectation that a meeting will extend beyond regular hours. Note that the building will be locked after regular hours, so that someone from the group using the meeting room will have to open the front door to let late arrivals into the meetings, and that it will be impossible for anyone to get back into the building after all persons have left.
  3. Refreshments: Refreshments are allowed in the meeting room. Alcohol is not permitted in the meeting room. The library is a smoke free facility.
  4. Reservations and Scheduling: Meetings and programs will be scheduled on a calendar at the Circulation Desk. No meetings or programs will be scheduled more than 90 days in advance of the meeting date. Reservations may not be made over the phone. Deposit must be paid before the meeting room can be scheduled.
  5. Condition of Meeting Rooms: Meeting rooms should be returned to the library after the meeting in the same condition as before the meeting began. It is expected that every group using the room will keep the room clean, free of trash, and undamaged. Storage of items owned by users is not permitted. Users may not tack or tape anything to the walls or doors of the meeting room. Sinks, closets, and other areas should be left clean and free of stains or damage.
  6. Disruptive Use of Meeting Rooms: Meeting room users should not disrupt normal library activities. Meetings in which loud, disruptive, or offensive behavior is taking place may be shut down at the discretion of the Library Director, and the participants asked to leave the library premises. Staff will not take or deliver messages for meeting participants.
  7. Age of Meeting Room Users: Groups using the meeting room composed of members under the age of 18 must have at least 1 adult sponsor present per 10 minors at any meeting held on library property.
  8. Fees: $15 for 1-3 hours; $30 for 4-6 hours; $50 for 7+ hours. Times include set up and clean up time.
  9. Cancellations: If any group using the meeting room must cancel a meeting, they should notify the library at least 48 hours in advance. Failure to cancel will result in the loss of the deposit fee.
  10. Deposits: All groups using the meeting room must leave a $50.00 refundable deposit. This is to cover the cost of cleaning and making repairs if necessary. A written receipt will be given for the deposit. The receipt must be returned when picking up the deposit as proof of payment. If the receipt is not returned, the deposit will not be refunded.
  11. Commercial Use: While the meeting room may be used for informational purposes by local businesses, it is forbidden for any group to charge money for attending any function held in the meeting room, or to sell any products during any meeting room functions.
  12. Open Access: The meeting room exists for the use of the whole community. Permission to use the meeting room will not be denied solely on the basis of race, sex, religion, age, sexual preference, disabled status, or political/ideological belief of the member of a particular group. The library under no circumstances endorses the philosophies of any private groups which use the meeting room.
  13. Sanctions for Misuse of Meeting Room: Groups or persons who violate the above policies may be subject to sanctions by the library, Sanctions may include the keeping of part or all of a group's deposit, forbidding an offending group, person, or program from using the meeting room, barring a person or persons from the library, or other sanctions as described in the library Conduct Ordinance. 

Amended October 13, 2008

Updated and Amended January 14, 2013 and October 9, 2017

Computer/Internet Use

  • A valid library card is required to use the public computers.  As a library card number and PIN will be needed to log in.  (as per policy revision)
  • Coloma Township residents are now required to have a library card to access the computers.  Library cards are FREE for Coloma Township residents.  
  • Patrons who are out of district are allowed one 30-minute guest pass per day.
  • At the computer, please read the Computer Use/Internet Use Agreement on the first screen. It has important information and restrictions that are not listed on this website. Note: Violation of the agreement may result in immediate termination of computer privileges.  Press "Agree".
  • Each computer user is limited to 1 hour of computer time per day.  Patrons may use the computers more than once a day within their hour time limit because the system tracks the amount of time used.  At the end of the day all computers are shut off 15 minutes before closing.
  • Students in grades 8 and below must use the computers in the children's area.
  • High school students must use the computers in the adult area. 
  • The option of printing is available at any computer. Print-outs cost 15 cents per page for black and white and 25 cents per page for color. Patrons will need to pay before the pages are released to print.  
  • Please note:

    When a patron has accumulated $1.00 in fines or has items overdue, all library privileges will be suspended for him/herself and all members of the household. This includes use of the library computers.

 Policy 4.8.1

Computer Use/Internet Use Agreement

By acknowledging this Computer Use Agreement I agree to the terms and  conditions listed in this agreement.  I understand that information sent or received over the  internet may not be secure and it is possible for others to view personal information.  I understand that the Rock Falls Public Library District makes not warranties with respect to its computers or other automated systems,and that it specifically assumes no resposibility for:

A. Any costs, liabilities, or damage resulting from the way a patron chooses to use the computer, or

B.  Any consequences of changes to or interruptions of services, even if those disruptions or changes arise from circumstances under control of the library.  

C.  The privacy of electronic mail, or

D.  Any retrieval of or access to illegal, obscene, or indecent material or information.   



Rock Falls Library has memorial bricks for sale. They are displayed outside in the area around the front entrance.

To purchase a brick, please come in to fill out the order form. Please return the form and a check or money order payable to the Rock Falls Public Library in the amount of $75.00 per brick.

You may designate 3 lines of copy. Each line allows for a total of 15 letters or spaces. All letters are printed in UPPER CASE with the exception of the c in Mc etc.

Brick orders will be placed in April & September. When they arrive, the bricks will set in available areas at random.

Other Ways to Help:

Drop off aluminum cans in the bin at the corner of 1st Avenue and Dixon Avenue (across from Hardee's)

Donate books and magazines

Volunteer to help at youth or family programs: Volunteer Opportunities

Very important: Visit the library often and bring a friend!

For more formation about library policies on gifts, donations, and memorials, please call or visit the library.

Photo Release Policy

The Rock Falls Library staff may take photographs or videos of participants, individually or in groups, attending or taking part in Library programs and activities. These photographs or videos may appear in future Rock Falls Library publications or other Library publicity.

Attendees and/or participants consent to having their photograph taken or such videos shown and used for such purposes.

If a Library patron does not wish himself/herself or his/her child to be photographed or video taped, the patron must notify the Library staff to that effect.

Library patrons and visitors to the Library may not take photographs or videos of other patrons or staff without the permission of the person(s) being photographed.

Social Networking Policy

Policy 4.14

Social Networking Policy

In keeping with the Rock Falls Library's mission to "be an integral part of its community by providing all residents with a wide variety of popular and educational materials, resources, and services," the library participates in various "social software" applications whereby library staff and community members can interact through virtual communication. These resources allow members of the community access to the resources of the Rock Falls Public Library District without mandating a visit to the physical library. The Rock Falls Library District regards online social software applications in the same way as other information resources in accordance with its mission of serving Rock Falls' needs for informational, educational, cultural, and recreational pursuits.

Social software is defined as any website or application which allows users to share information. Social software can include but is not limited to blogging, instant messaging, social networking sites, and wikis. Many social networking sites allow users of those sites to become a friend, fan, or otherwise associate their own profiles or virtual presences with the library's profiles on these sites. As with more traditional resources, the library does not act in the place of or in the absence of a parent and is not responsible for enforcing any restrictions which a parent or guardian may place on a minor's use of this resource.

The library does not collect, maintain, or otherwise use the personal information stored on any third party site in any way other than to communicate with users on that site, unless granted permission by users for library contact outside the site. The purpose for contact outside the site may include program promotion, volunteer opportunities, reference help, or other similar activities. Users may remove themselves at any time from the library's friends or fan lists, or request that the library remove them. Users should be aware that third party websites have their own privacy policies and should proceed accordingly.

Comments, posts, and messages are welcome on the Rock Falls Public Library's social networking sites. While the library recognizes and respects differences in opinion, all such interactions will be regularly monitored and reviewed for content and relevancy (before publishing when possible). All postings which contain any of the following will be removed and the poster barred from posting any messages to library social networking sites:

  • Obscene or racists content
  • Personal attacks, insults, or threatening language
  • Potentially libelous statements
  • Plagarized or copy-written material
  • Private, personal information published without consent
  • Comments totally unrelated to the content of the forum
  • Hyperlinks to material that is not directly related to the discussion
  • Commercial promotions or spam
  • Organized political activity
  • Photos or other images that fall in any of the above categories

In addition, the Rock Falls Public Library District reserves the right to edit or modify any postings or comments for space or content, while retaining the intent of the original post. The library shall also be granted the right to reproduce comments, posts, and messages in other public venues.

The Rock Falls Public Library District assumes no liability regarding any event or interaction that takes place by any participant in any library sponsored social networking service, and does not endorse or review content outside pages created by the Rock Falls Public Library District staff. Participants in Rock Falls Public Library District social networking services implies an agreement with all library policies.

The role and utility of social networking sites will be evaluated periodically by library staff and may be terminated at any time without notice to subscribers.


Approved by the Rock Falls Public Library District Board of Trustees on March 8, 2010.


Unattended Children

Policy on Unattended Children After Hours

Policy 5.14


In the event that there is any child under the age of 14 years in the library at closing time, the staff person in charge will attempt to contact the child's parent(s) or legal guardian(s). If no one has arrived to pick up the child after 15 minutes, the police will be summoned, and the child given into their care. Under no circumstances will any staff member give an unattended child a ride home in his/her own vehicle, nor will any staff member leave the library premises until such a child has been given into the care of a parent/legal guardian, or the police.

History of the Library

In the mid-1930's, steps were taken to give Rock Falls its first library. Through the diligent efforts of Rev. James R. Uhlinger, along with the support of the Rock Falls Women's Club and interested citizens, and with the help of the W.P.A., it was accomplished.

During the early years, the library was housed in the old Rock Falls National Bank Building, the Cruse Building, and Merrill School. In September, 1943, the library moved into the Johnston Building on 1st Avenue where it served the community for 22 years.

In November, 1965, the Coloma Township Public Library merged with the City of Rock Falls and formed a city-township library to be known as Rock Falls Public Library. The library was then housed in the north wing of the Municipal Building.

In the 1990's, a non-profit group named K.I.D.S.S. (Knowledge Increases Developing Skills for Success) Incorporated was organized, its soul purpose to raise funds to build a new library building.

A "Name the Lion" contest was held to promote the building of the new library. Adam Gierhart, Rock Falls, won a $50 savings bond for naming the lion "Booker D.Lion."

With the contributions of many people and businesses, including Dr. Louis Rubin, formerly of Rock Falls, the new library became a reality. The Joseph and Dora Rubin Library Building, dedicated to Dr. Rubin's parents, was opened in February, 2001.

Rock Falls Public Library has only had four librarians since its opening. Miss Geneva Hirth served until 1961. After Miss Hirth's retirement, Miss Betty Brown served until her own retirement in 1997. Mr. Eric Tommerdahl served for three years. Mrs. Amy Lego succeeded him and is the present Librarian.


In memoriam: Dr. Louis Rubin, a former Rock Falls resident, died on June 7, 2007, in Sarasota, Florida. The current Rock Falls Public Library building is dedicated to his parents, Joseph and Dora Rubin, in recognition of Dr. Rubin's generous donations at the time of the construction of the new library.

Dr. Rubin also made donations to other local and state programs in Illinois and Florida, and to national health organizations, including the American Diabetes Foundation and the American Cancer Society. For the last fifteen years, Dr. Rubin volunteered his time at the Senior Friendship Center's Clinic in Sarasota, a nonprofit clinic which he helped fund, so that people with little or no insurance could be served.

Job Openings

Our job openings are posted on the Prairie Area Library System website.

Volunteer Opportunities

Please contact the library if you would like to be added to a volunteer list of patrons who help at special events and during our Summer Reading program. Your volunteerism is greatly appreciated. We could not do all we do without you.

A  completed Volunteer Application is required. Forms may be picked up at the library or, for your convenience, there is also a link for a PDF version of the Volunteer Application on this page.

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Illinois State Library Services

The Illinois State Library provides you with services directly, through us, and in cooperation with other agencies.