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Use the library computers
Rent the Community Room
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Get a Library Card

Renew Books & Other Library Materials

To renew books and other items, you may come into or call the library and ask for them to be renewed.

Your library card must be current and in good standing.

Most books may be renewed one time.

14-Day books are not renewable.

Books with holds on them for other patrons are not renewable.



Get a Newsfeed of Library Headlines

This website has several "feeds", which allow you to automatically receive links to news and events as they're posted on the site. Using feeds is a convenient way to keep up with as many blogs, news sites, and other websites as you like. For a quick tutorial about feeds and how they work, see Common Craft's RSS in Plain English video.

Feeds are marked with a special icon Feed icon, which you click to "subscribe" to the feed by adding it to whichever program you use as a feed reader (see below). 

Feeds on this site include:

There are a number of tools available for subscribing to and reading feeds. Here are a few examples:

Each tool has its own specific instructions for adding feeds, but the process is usually as simple as pasting in the feed's address or selecting from a menu.