Circulation Policy

  • You must have your library card with you in order to check out items to take home. 
  • A patron must be in good standing with all RRLC libraries to check out any materials or use the computers.
  • We honor library cards from other public libraries within Illinois if there has been an agreement between us to honor each other's patrons' cards. You will be asked to fill out an information card the first time you present your card. 
  • When the library is closed, items may be returned in the dropbox in the outer wall next to the front doors. Otherwise, please return the items at the Circulation desk.
  • You may ask Rock Falls Library for Interlibrary loan service. This means that you may give us titles and authors to look for from other participating libraries and request that the items be sent to Rock Falls Library for you to check out. 

Guidelines for checking out items:
Book (adult) ~ Total: 15 ~ keep 14 days ~ renewable 1 time*
Book (child) ~ Total: 10 ~ keep 14 days ~ revewable 1 time*
Audiobook ~ Total: 4 ~ keep 14 days ~ revewable 1 time*
Magazine (adult) ~ Total: 5 ~ keep 7 days ~ not renewable
Magazine (child) ~ Total: 5 ~ keep 14 days ~ not renewable
DVD ~ Total: 2 ~ keep 7 days ~ renewable 1 time*
CD ~ Total: 4 ~ keep 7 days ~ not renewable
Puppy Pals ~ Total: 1 ~ keep 14 days ~ not renewable
Fishing Poles ~ Total: 1 ~ keep 7 days ~ not renewable
* Items on hold may not be renewed.


Fine Policy/Lost Book Policy

Policy 5.3

A fine of (10) cents per day, including Sundays and holidays is charged for overdue books and magazines, both adult and juvenile. The fine for overdue compact disks, audio cassettes, DVD's, Kits, fishing poles, and videocassettes is (1.00) one dollar per day.

An overdue notice will be sent to the delinquent patron when the item becomes 14 and 28 days overdue, informing the patron of the overdue status and the possibility of further action. If no response is received, a final notice an collection notice will be sent when the item is approximately 60 days overdue. Library overdue fines cease accumulating when they reach the value of the overdue item(s).

A borrower is responsible for all items charged on his/her card. Lost items are to be paid for at replacement cost plus a processing fee and damage to an item is to be paid for in proportion to the extent of the damage plus a processing fee, minimum of $3.00, as determined by the Director. Damaged books which are no longer useable are disposed of as with any other weeded item.

If a lost book has been paid for, and is then returned in good condiition within thirty (30) days of payment, that responsible patron may request to be charged at the regular fine rate for the time that the item was missing, and refunded any excess payment.

When a patron has accumulated $1.00 in fines or has any items overdue, all library privileges will be suspended for him/herself and all members of the household. (This includes use of any library computers.).

Materials more than 3 months overdue shall be considered to be lost and the patron will be charged the full cost of the material plus a processing fee. If a patron refuses to pay for or return such items, that patron may be charged with theft under Chapter 38, Article 16B Criminal Code Act of 1961 of the Illinois State Statutes. If action in small claims court is required, the amount claimed shall be an amount suffiicient to reimburse the library for court costs, the current replacement value of the items, and all accrued fines.


Adopted by The Rock Falls Public Library District Board of Trustees on May 2nd, 2005 and amended September 11, 2006 and January 14, 2013