Get a Library Card

  • Applicants must show 2 forms of proof of their name and current address in order to receive a card. Juveniles (ages 3-13) must have a parent or guardian sign the application card for them.
  • Cards are free for those residing in Coloma Township or who pay taxes on property within Coloma Township. Patrons outside of Coloma Township pay $52.00 per year per family. This fee is set each year by the State Library.
  • Replacement cost for lost library cards: 1st time - $1.00; 2nd time - $2.00; 3rd time - $3.00. After 3 card losses, the patron will lose check-out priveleges untilt the current card expires. 
  • When a patron has accumulated $1.00 in fines or has items overdue, all library privileges will be suspended for him/herself and all members of the household. This includes use of the library computers.
  • Your library card may be used at other Illinois public libraries, such as Sterling and Dixon, who have agreed that we will honor each other's patrons' cards.