Library History


In the mid-1930s, steps were taken to give Rock Falls its first library. Through the diligent efforts of Rev. James R. Uhlinger, along with the support of the Rock Falls Women’s Club and interested citizens, and with the help of the W.P.A, it was accomplished.

During the early years, the library was housed in the old Rock Falls National Bank Building, the Cruse Building, and Merrill School. In September 1943, the library moved into the Johnston Building on 1st Avenue where it served the community for 22 years.

In November 1965, the Coloma Township Library merged with the city of Rock Falls and formed a city-township library to be known as Rock Falls Public Library. The library was then housed in the north wing of the Municipal Building.

In the 1990’s, a non-profit group named K.I.D.S.S (Knowledge Increases Developing Skills for Success) was organized. Its sole purpose was to raise funds to build a new library building.

With the contributions of many people and businesses, including Dr. Louis Rubin, formerly of Rock Falls, the new library became a reality. The Joseph and Dora Rubin Library Building, dedicated to Dr. Rubin’s parents, opened in February 2001.

Rock Falls Public Library has had only four librarians since its opening. Miss Geneva Hirth served until 1961. After Miss Hirth’s retirement, Miss Betty Brown served until her own retirement in 1997. Mr. Eric Tommerdahl served for three years. Mrs. Amy Lego succeeded him and is the present librarian.